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The Drummathon Committees are dedicated to ensuring Drummathon is the largest fundraiser for Breast Cancer Can Stick It! every year. The committee is made up of volunteers who have a steep background in marketing, sponsorship, and drumming! (There are three drummers on the committee!) Drummathon was introduced to April in January of 2015 by Drummathon Logistics Subcommittee Member Chip Heller, who attended Drummathon's back in the early 1980's - an event created and put on by Clif Allman. The early years of the annual Drummathon's were for a different charity each year, featuring no more than 10 drummers playing on their own kits, for sometimes a full hour at a time, in the heat of the Plano, TX summer.

The goal of the Breast Cancer Can Stick It! Drummathon is to continue to fulfill our mission of funding research and trials as well as mammograms. Additionally, it's also thanks to Drummathon that we were able to establish a new grant fund in 2017 for financial assistance to breast cancer treatment. The fund, Dahlia's Breast Cancer Can Stick It! Fund, was named after April Samuels' friend Dahlia Garcia who passed away from triple negative breast cancer in 2015. Dahlia donated generously and selflessly to Breast Cancer Can Stick It! during her late stages of cancer saying "this money can no longer help me, use it to help someone else." The fund fulfill's April's dream, and we will carry it forward for year's to come, in Dahlia's name.

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