Fundraising Tools

Thank you so much for fundraising for Drummathon! If you haven't registered to fundraise, check out our Individual Fundraising Campaign Tutorial AND our Team Fundraising Campaign Tutorial. Then, go to Drummathon Registration and select "Start Fundraising". After you have registered, be sure you complete the process by publishing your page. Publishing your page makes it accessible for your donors, so this is hugely important!

Once all the above is complete, it's time to promote your fundraising page so you can compete to win those excellent prizes! Check out the below tools to maximize your fundraising efforts.

Tiltify Tools:

  • Finding your fundraising link in Tiltify: Login to Tiltify, tap the image in the top right corner (you may or may not have a personalized picture already loaded) and select "dashboard", then to the left choose "CAMPAIGNS". Your Drummathon campaign should be in the top of the list. Tap your most recent campaign, then select "Copy campaign url"
  • Create a QR Code: Login to Tiltify. Tap on "Overview", Look under 2nd Heading "Your Campaign Links", Download QR code
  • Adding Incentives - Rewards
  • Adding Incentives - Targets
  • Adding Milestones
  • Donor Thank You Email: in Tiltify select your campaign, then setup, scroll down to "Thank you message for your donors (optional)" add your message and hit save.
Other Tools Resources for social media content: Still need more help? Contact the Fundraising Team!

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